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Nayeem Ahmed
Jul 13, 2022
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The next question is, who are the repeaters? The national examination and recruitment information allows us to answer the question, "Which freshmen are more likely to be repeaters?" Do students who fail the test retake the test? So the repeaters are the students with lower scores in the big test? If we examine the correlation between "individual academic test scores" and "re-examination records within three years after graduation", we will find a similar graphical distribution every year - from candidates with a total academic test score of 15 and above The better the test scores, the higher the chances of retaking the test in the future. This mode will soar all the way, until the score exceeds 70, the re-examination rate will gradually decrease (the highest point is about 70 points in the academic test, and there is a re-examination rate of up to 15%). Those with grades lower than 15 in the photo retouching academic test also have a slight increase, but the overall retake rate is not as high as that of those with high scores. (See Figure 1) Figure 1-1 Figure 1: The correlation between the total score of the academic test and the re-examination rate (2014-2018 fresh candidates)|Photo Credit: provided by the author of this article What is the relationship between repeat students and the school they attend? Is it evenly spread across different high schools, or is it more concentrated in which high schools? Figure 2 shows that the higher the overall level of the high school (estimated by the average total score of the school test), the higher the retake rate. For schools with a medium average and a low average, the above correlation is not very obvious; but for schools with a high average, the blue dotted distribution clearly shows that the higher the average score of the school (that is, the so-called public star high school), the higher the retake rate of its graduates. At some star high schools, as many as one in five or even four graduates retakes the exam within three years. In other words, the data estimates provided by the media are not entirely correct, but they do apply to a few star high school graduates, but this is the case over the years, not an increas

Nayeem Ahmed

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